Installing private NPM packages in an Expo Snack.

Hello, I am building a React Native UI library for the company I am working with and am currently writing the docs for it using Docusaurus. I managed to get the SnackPlayer working, and now I’d like to be able to preview the components I am building.

My problem is that the UI library will be a private node package, and it currently only lives on my local machine as a separate repo. Is there any way I can import local components or private packages in an Expo Snack?

My understanding is that Expo did add support for installing 3rd party packages, but what about private packages?

If this is currently not supported yet, are there any plans to add support for it? How can I contribute? Without this feature I would have to manually take screenshots of the components running in both iOS and Android emulators for previews, and that’s not a fun thing to have to do :blush:.

we don’t support private packages on snack. i think a pre-requisite to do so would be to make it possible to have ‘private’ snacks, which is also not yet possible.

snack is open source here: GitHub - expo/snack: Expo Snack lets you run Expo in the browser.

It would be awesome if one could create a private snack . I don’t know a lot npm / node is there any library that allows full isolated installs (like for with -g it install a global package , usually to provide a command line tool.

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