Installed app from App Store requires internet to further install and run the app

What I’m using:

expo sdk 21.0.0
exp version 47.0.0
Expo XDE

My Process:

  1. Host project using Expo XDE
  2. exp build:android to build the file.
  3. exp build:status to download the apk.
  4. publishing the downloaded apk to the App Store

My Issue:
After building and publishing the app to the App Store when I download the app it still requires internet to install the app fully. The icons and images are loaded when the app runs for the first time by fetching from the internet. And sometimes when the internet is not connected the app fails to load entirely.
Please Help. Thank You

hi there! this is a limitation of expo right now – the first time the app runs, if you depend on assets you need to download and cache them (see “Why not Expo?”). in sdk24 (due out within the next 2 weeks, if all goes well) we will add support for bundling images in the binary. in sdk25, we plan to expand that to include all assets.

Thank you for your response. Could you tell me how I could upgrade to sdk24 or 25 when it comes out. Is changing the version in app.json and ‘npm install’ sufficient?