Install Node Modules

A noob here so bear with me.

When I generated a new project I could see several node modules already available for me as shown below but the ones that I am after are not present.

I am thinking of installing those via npm.

Will those two modules (“redux” and “react-redux”) after being installed via npm be supported in Expo ?

@vpy the node_modules folder may not be a great way to visually see what your app is actually using. This is because dependencies are also downloaded and installed within that same folder. For example if I install “CoolThing” via npm install, and “CoolThing” requires “async” or “ansi-regx” then those will also be installed in your node_modules folder.

You can better get an idea of what your app uses by looking in the package.json file. that describes your applications true dependencies…

So to answer your question about redux, redux is a concept more-so than a library so you should have no issue applying this to your Expo app.

Some Expo things do require some magic setup that I don’t really understand that well. It has to do with creating “hooks” to support both android and ios which lets use just use JavaScript… So thank you to all those you maintain and figure that stuff out.