initiating a new blank project with expo - size on disk is 190 mb

Hi all,
new to react native expo.
When i am creating a new project using “expo init” (and choosing blank)
the new project created is very big(190MB).
i try to setup new env. on another PC and still getting the same issue,
not sure what am i missing here,
the node version is V16.15.1
expo version 5.4.12

I notice that the reason for that is folder node_modules, looks like expo init is installing many unnecessary packages

please advice,

if you think 190mb is big for a development environment try looking at the size of xcode or android studio! :joy:

the node_modules directory is not related to your app size. it includes the tools that you need for development. the final size of the app is determined when you perform a build and upload it to the store. it will be in the order of 3-4mb for a basic app

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