Incorrect Version Number reported by Constants.manifest.version

SDK Version: 39
Platforms: Android, iOS

I seem to have the issue reported in the following topic: Constants.manifest.version reports incorrect app version
Unfortunately the solution was never stated.

I just published a new beta version (2.2.12) and Constants.manifest.version in the production branch (2.2.9) now shows the version number of the beta version but still has all the bugs that were solved in 2.2.12.
Is this a known issue? How come I can’t find anything about it other than the issue I mentioned above?
Is there a way to fix it or a known workaround?

Can I just import the version from app.json directly?

Update 2
It only seems to be the wrong version number if the app is downloaded again from the App Store. As long as the app is not deleted and downloaded again the version number stays 2.2.9.

Okay, I realized that I didn’t understand release channels and OTA updates.

Now my question is, how to handle version numbers with OTA updates. If I update the version number and release an OTA update the version number in the App Store does not conform to the actual version number anymore which seems wrong.
I saw the following issue, which asks the same question but unfortunately never got answered either.

I have found a great article on Hackernoon about how to publish new versions. How To Publish Your Expo Application To The App Stores Using Release Channels | Hacker Noon

I now upload minors and majors to the stores twice. Once on release channel “default” for the production track and once on release channel “staging” for the test track. That way I can then publish patches to both release channels. These patches won’t be shown in the stores but I can use OTA updates to release them faster.

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