Inconsistent results from `takePictureAsync`

Hey, I’m building a small camera app that temporarily blacks out the screen when the user takes a picture.

I’m doing this like so:

takePicture = () => {
    if ( {
          showBlackout: true
        async () => {
          await new Promise(res => setTimeout(res, 500));
 => {
              from: data.uri,
              to: `${FileSystem.documentDirectory}photos/Photo_1.jpg`
            }).then(() => {
                showBlackout: false,
                showPreview: true

The code above works, however, the resulting image only contains a blacked out screen (showBlackout being true) around 30% of the time. It feels like a React Native/async race condition, however, I’m not too sure what else to try. Any ideas where/what could be going wrong?


The app is live on Expo if anyone wants to play around:

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