Inconsistent behavior with different test devices using notification background tasks

Hello, I currently have an app out to a couple of test users (all on iOS) using an ad hoc provisioning profile built with EAS. My app is a managed workflow with SDK 45. An important feature of the application depends on listening to push notifications and responding accordingly when the app is in the background. I have a background task registered (in index.js) that should respond to incoming push notifications and update part of the persisted redux store.

The problem that I am experiencing is that this functionality only seems to work on some of my tester’s devices. On some devices (including my own), I can expect the background task to be triggered reliably when the notification comes in. On others, the notification will never trigger the task (the notification is always delivered successfully though). I haven’t been able to identify a variable that will predict this (iOS version, settings, etc…).

I have tried different packages for registering the listener (expo-task-manager and react-native-firebase/messaging), as well as different services for sending the notifications (OneSignal and FCM), but get the same results with both. I have made sure that the notification always has the proper contents (content-available, other apns headers), and that the appropriate background modes are included in the iOS info.Plist in app.json.

I am unsure how to proceed with diagnosing the issue, especially since I can’t replicate the unwanted behavior on my own device. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks