InAppPurchases.purchaseItemAsync never resolves

InAppPurchases.purchaseItemAsync never resolves.

“expo”: “^37.0.0”,
“expo-in-app-purchases”: “^8.1.0”,
bare workflow.

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Hey @whaj47,

Please follow the templates when making a post. The more information you can provide, the better we can help you. What platform is this happening on? Can you share the code you’ve implemented to handle the purchase method?


@whaj47 Did you ever figure this out? I am running into the same issue but haven’t found a solution. This is the issue I made: InAppPurchases.purchaseItemAsync() promise sometimes never resolves on iOS

@tiltshift I found your other thread but it’s been closed and I can’t reply there. Did you ever find a solution for your problem? It sounds very similar to what I’m experiencing

I don’t remember whether it was fixed or not. I think switching to a real device fixed it.