Impossible to login on Android expo app


I have left on the 2019-10-27 a 1 star rating (out of 5) saying that it was impossible to login into expo app.
(Of course I have checked my credentials using expo login, and the website, both work).

I didn’t get your attention, so I emailed at and finally landed here.

How can I login into expo using the android application? My smartphone is a Samsung Galaxy S9.

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What happens when you try?

It shows an Alert with:

  • Title: Alert
  • Description: Invalid username/password. Please try again.

It can be close using the OK button within the Alert.

FYI, I am located in Paris (France), I have tried using the Wi-Fi and the 4G.

It’s quite suprising that within 2 month since my first try, it wasn’t corrected and it wasn’t reported.