Important changes in app imply manually uploading new binaries to both stores?

Hi everyone.
I have been uploading my app to the stores for a long time now, and as far as I’m concerned, there’s no need to re-upload the binaries to the stores manually, as Expo can handle the process and automatically download the new version when the user first opens the app after the upgrade. I have the following problem now:

I changed the app name, the icon, splash image and a lot of other images contained in the app. I didn’t change the image names, just the content of each one of them. I also upgraded the Expo SDK from SDK 26 to SDK 33. After all of this changes, do I need to manually upload the new binaries to the store, or is Expo able to handle the process as it usually does? Both apps, the new one and the old one, share the same slug, bundle ID and package ID.

Hope this is enough information for you to answer my question.
Thank you in advance!

In your case, you need to submit a new version to the store.
Here you have a list of changes that can’t be applied by publishing alone.

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Thank you very much for your quick response! I’ll do it as you say, have a nice day @wkozyra

By the way, sorry for reopening this, but I still have a question. What happens if I publish the new version using the same slug as the app in the stores? As you’ve pointed out, my changes can’t be applied by publishing, so, does Expo know that it has to wait till the apps are available in the store to update them? Is it going to be any problem with the store version in this time lapse? (From the moment I publish to the moment the apps are available in the stores) @wkozyra

if you upgrade sdk it won’t update existing apps, but if you switch anything else publish will work, but those changes won’t be applied.

So in my case, that I have other assets and libraries, if I publish now with a different SDK version, changes won’t be applied until I upload the app to both stores, right?

To be more precise, it’s not important what is in the store, but configuration of ipa/apk during build. If you open new apk/ipa on device it will fetch that new published version.
When app is fetching OTA update it will get latest published version where experience name, bundle identifier(for ios), release channel and sdk are the same.

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