Implementing OneSignal on managed workflow

Hey Guys
We are in need of help with integrating our Expo managed workflow app with OneSignal.
We have gone through the documentation for setting up OneSignal with the config plugin they have created, and everything seems to be working fine when we test on our iOS simulators as they are being registered on the OneSignal dashboard.

The issue comes in when we build the app to test on Testflight. The Testflight devices do not appear on the OneSignal dashboard, and our expo app is hanging on the splash screen.

We are using expo build:ios to create the build for Testflight.

config-plugins only works on EAS Build or with expo prebuild. With expo build:ios there is no way to customize your native code and OneSignall is not included there.

Also, note that classic builds will not support new sdks after sdk 46. expo build’s Final Year. The Classic Build service will support… | by James Ide | Exposition

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Hi @lindani540

To elaborate on what wkozyra said, you should build with eas build -p ios --platform production instead of expo build:ios.

See Migrating from "expo build" - Expo Documentation

I added onesigmal for my web site but it didn’t work, i don’t know why