Implement Safari View Controller API with the In-App Browser

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SDK Version: 35
Platform: iOS

I have a few links in my app to register a new user. This link will lead the user to our website to register an account. After that he can login with his credentials in the app.
The apple reviewer always declines our app, because the user will enter sensitiv information and cannot see if the connection is secure and what the url is. So they recommend following:

We recommend implementing the Safari View Controller API to display web content within your app.
The Safari View Controller allows the display of a URL and inspection of the certificate from an embedded browser in an app so that customers can verify the webpage URL and SSL certificate to confirm they are entering their sign in credentials into a legitimate page.

What i tried was following:


But they refused it again. The thing is, even in Safari i cannot see the ssl certificate…

And even the docs are saying:

Provides access to the system’s web browser and supports handling redirects. On iOS, it uses SFSafariViewController or SFAuthenticationSession , depending on the method you call…

(WebBrowser - Expo Documentation)

So my question is if there is anything i can use which uses the Safari View Controller API in the back? I am currently kind of desperated.

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