Implement iOS Game Center for mobile games

Is it possible to add the iOS Game Center for my mobile game using expo?

If not, I’ll just add a feature request here: Feature Requests | Expo

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Right now we don’t support game center yet. I know that @bacon might have a short term solution that he did for his game Pillar Valley

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Are there plans for game center or should i just make a DB using Firebase like @bacon did?

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@craig1123 not in the short term I’m afraid, there are far more pressing priorities. However some of our short term work may allow the community to take over and implement a good game center solution.

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I got the leaderboards working with firebase! Check it out

iOS - ‎Hangman' on the App Store
Android -


@craig1123 great work my main!! :fire:Downloading / rating now :blue_heart::100:

I’m kinda working on some similar stuff in my game Nitro Roll.
Some features include:

  • Leaderboard - paging
  • Currency - basic
  • Daily reward - articulate but not well tested

I also recommend you look at this → Follow us on - Snack
Because you can’t actually track if someone likes you on a social network, this breaks down how you can best guesstimate it.

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I love the daily reward concept!

What is the currency good for? Will you have a store to use them?

The “follow us on…” is smart.

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Basically it is based on how a bunch of apps build their internal ecosystem.
Currency is some arbitrary value that can be money but is usually just related to score, rewards, and achievements.

Take a game like this for instance: ‎Hop on the App Store

I haven’t played it, but I already know that every day they give you a reward with some multiplier. That reward increases coins which probably let you unlock new ball colors.
In this case it’ll take almost no effort to create an ecosystem that you can then monetize.
I explain it a little better (cuz of gifs) in this → The Making of Nitro Roll. An Open-Source, Cross-Platform… | by Evan Bacon | Exposition

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