Implement Featherjs 3.0 in Expo

In one of our project previously we are using the Featherjs(V 2.0) and application was running smoothly . Few month ago a new version of featherjs was released(3.0) and we think to migrate the feather 2.0 to 3.0. We follow this link for migration([]. After updating and making all these the change when we run the application we got following error.

The package at “node_modules/@feathersjs/socketio/lib/index.js” attempted to import the Node standard library module “http”. It failed because React Native does not include the Node standard library. Read more at

as per above link of expo we could not use the code node apis with react-native and expo.
so there is any way to resolve this error i mean how to configure the node http api in expo project.

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