Images not loaded correctly after first OTA update

Hi, I have been releasing an app to the google play and I noticed some weird behavior that is happening only after the first OTA update (expo updates) for the app after the installation.

The remote images that are accessed from the remote server in the uri parameter aren’t loaded and also the default source is not shown. On the other hand, images from local source are displayed as expected.
If I’m closing the app completely (also from the background) and re-enter, the images loaded perfectly.

In my backend, I’m pretty sure everything is working correctly because I didn’t encounter any issue.

My env is 38 SDK, android standalone application on the managed workflow.

Thanks from advance!

Hey @oron11,

Just want to gain some clarity here. This only occurs after the first OTA update after installation? Further updates don’t cause any issue?

Also, have you been able to see if this occurs on iOS as well?


Hi @adamjnav,

I didn’t encounter this issue after installing further OTA updates, in the IOS and during development in the Expo client app.
Only after the first OTA installation in the Android.

I’m really not sure how it’s related, however, that’s the whole information I have and I reproduced the issue a few times.


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