Images not always loading

We have an issue where images will randomly not load up. I’ve seen this in all sorts of scenarios on both iOS and Android. Attached is a video of it happening on iOS:

It isn’t a bug in the code. This is SDK18, but I know it’s been a problem for a long time in different places, whether in list views or other places.

On my OnePlus 3 I never see the issues happen anymore, but on older phones I do (and the above video is on iOS). Any ideas?

Hey @elie for some reason your video isn’t working. Maybe send it to us in Slack?

I sent it on slack and then decided to post here afterwards :slight_smile:

I’ll get a version of the video working here tomorrow.

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Here’s the Slack link:

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Thanks. Is there any way you can isolate the code that causes this? I haven’t seen this before.

It’s a little complicated to isolate but I can try in the next few days. I
also don’t know if it will happen in isolation or if we publish to expo