Images in Asset Folder Suddenly Stopped Loading

I have an app that loads local images from the asset folder. Everything was working well, I published a beta via test flight and needed to go back and make edits. When I return to the snack and ran the simulator, none of the images in the assets folder are loading. I am relatively new to EXPO and Snack so any help is greatly appreciated.

Sample code:
import flexFitSlogan from ‘…/assets/Flex_Fit.png’;

<Image source={flexFitSlogan} style={styles.sloganTop}/>

Style Code
sloganTop: {




}Preformatted text

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We have also experienced local images not loading. This happens even in the default example snack.

I am also facing same problem

I’m having the same problems. No images on mobile.

Hey everyone! Really sorry about this, I forgot to update this forum post when it was brought to our attention (thankyou @wodin :pray:)

Thanks for taking the time to report this, we are looking into it now, and hopefully will resolve soon. I’ll keep you updated here!

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This should be resolved now. Thanks for bringing to our attention!


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