Images and Fonts not loading after upgrading form Expo v32 to Expo v33

So I had an existing project that I was maintaining for a client. We had to add a new native package and in order to publish to the play store, I needed to upgrade the SDK from 33 to 34. So once I went through all the steps to upgrade and tried to run the app in production mode I received the following error and none of my images were loading.

[Error: File 'file:///var/containers/Bundle/Application/E4ECB958-7A51-4AC2-8EA3-941159139966/' for font 'D733CF6F-E252-4E51-B683-A5B227677751-gothamBlack' doesn't exist]

I did install expo-asset and expo-font as instructed and left all my existing code the same to cache and load fonts but I am stumped on this one. Just for reference this is the code I am using to cache assets.

const cacheImages = images => {
  return => {
    if (typeof image === "string") {
      return Image.prefetch(image);
    } else {
      return Asset.fromModule(image).downloadAsync();

async _loadAssetsAsync() {
    const imageAssets = cacheImages([

    const fonts = Font.loadAsync({
      gothamBlack: require("./assets/fonts/Gotham-Black.otf"),
      gothamBlackItalic: require("./assets/fonts/Gotham-BlackItalic.otf"),
      gothamBold: require("./assets/fonts/Gotham-Bold.otf"),

      gothamBoldCondensed: require("./assets/fonts/Gotham-BoldCondensed.otf"),
      gothamBlackItalic: require("./assets/fonts/Gotham-BoldItalic.otf"),
      gothamBook: require("./assets/fonts/Gotham-Book.otf"),

      gothamLightCondensed: require("./assets/fonts/Gotham-LightCondensed.otf"),
      gothamMedium: require("./assets/fonts/Gotham-Medium.otf"),
      nothingYouCouldDo: require("./assets/fonts/NothingYouCouldDo.ttf")

    return await Promise.all([...imageAssets, fonts]);

have you upldated expo-cli client? This happened when we used earlier version than v3.0 of expo-cli

I’m on version 3.0.9

Have a look at some of the other threads about issues with fonts to see if any of the suggestions help.

One thing that seems wrong to me but apparently fixed someone’s problem is this:

Also make sure you have at least expo 34.0.3 and expo-font 6.0.1.

Also it might be worthwhile making a new project with one image and one font and see if that works. If it does, try to compare what the differences are between the new project and the existing one.