ImagePicker's cropping does not work properly

Platform: iOS, tested on iPhone X, iPhone 6s
Expo SDK: 29

I am using SDK29 now, but I am not sure if it is an existing issue in previous versions.

The problem is users cannot move the cropping box to the top most of the image, and there is always a margin that prevents the cropping box from moving:

Gif demo

As you see, I could not move the box to the top, but it would be really frustrating if I want to include the top when cropping.

I tried to create a snack for reproduction but it seems the snack has some issue right now, and it does not allow me to create a new snack to run on iOS…Thanks in advance!

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Hi @lichenglu, thanks for writing in! could you file this under ? If snack is not currently working, you can upload a tar of your local project? Without a repro its hard to figure out what went wrong.

Sure! Will do after work today! Thanks for the reply

Issue posted here:

thanks for filing this @lichenglu

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