ImagePicker multiple select?

How to able to select multiple images ? Is it possible ? I can not find this in the document

If possible , an example codes to select and display multiple images preview will be great . Thanks


Hi! We don’t support this at the moment, but it’s a good idea. Will add it to our list to work on! :slight_smile:


Created a feature request here - please go and upvote :slight_smile:

any news on multiple image picker?

I’ve been looking at the react native CameraRoll api together with FileSystem.getInfoAsync() (introduced in expo v23) and it looks like it is possible to build your own multi image picker within expo. Does anyone know if there is a reason why this would not be possible?

@polycarpou you could definitely do this – it shouldn’t be too hard. please open source it if you do!

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I was able to build my own multi select image picker that works on expo.
Im hoping that it saves people the effort of detaching!

@ccheever here is the code! Any feedback is greatly appreciated, im happy to continue working on it if people find it useful.


Great initiative! If you feel confident sharing it, perhaps leave it as a comment on the feature request on Canny for anyone else looking for the functionality to use while we wait for an Expo API :slight_smile: