ImagePicker crashes on big video file

i accidentally have a big video file on my phone(1.86 GB), when i was trying out Expo ImagePicker it keeps crashing, even with the example on ImagePicker. Then I realize there is no way in ImagePicker that a dev can know if the file is too big for this component, cause the app crashes even before the promise was returned.

This might lead to a problem, such as a user is trying to open a big video file with ImagePicker, but the app would have no way to know and warn user about the size and the possibility that it might leads to crash, can u do something about it?

to replicate this bug, open your camera and tape a long video thats bigger than 1.86GB, and run the example on Expo ImagePicker sample code. My phone model is XiaoMi Mix 2s.

try catch block did not do the trick.

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