ImagePicker and image orientation


I think all Samsung Android device (and probably others), do not rotate images taken with a rotated device, but set the EXIF orientation info in the jpeg image.

Expo’s ImagePicker component does not take this into account, so the image returned from it has the wrong orientation (except when you turned the phone 90° to the left).

Is there a workaround for this or is there a fix planned for this?


Hey Marcus!

Which device of Android are you using? Trying to tackle this bug soon. It has worked on most phones I tested but some still have issues.

Sound great!

I’m testing with an Galaxy S7 and I’m in the process of bringing back to life an old Motorola G2.

Here’s an photo made with the S7 - maybe this helps:

I don’t want to be a pest, but do you have any idea when you have the chance to tackle this?

It’s kind of a show stopper bug for me and some kind of ETA would help in deciding if I need to offer my user a way to manually tag images for rotation and then rotate it on my backend after uploading.

@minibbjd This bug is high priority to fix for the next SDK version which will be out, which should be around June 18. If I am able to fix it earlier we could do a minor release but I don’t think you should depend on that.

Thanks a lot for the timeline, nikki!