ImageManipulator Error on Android (SDK 32)


I’ve seen mention of this problem with other SDKs but not for 32 yet.

I’m trying to crop an image (50% in the example above). It’s pretty straight forward. Select an image from your camera roll and it will crop it for you. My actual use case allows you to drag and zoom and position your avatar exactly how you’d like but I simplified the snack to verify my suspicions.

If you try the snack above on an iOS device everything works as expected. If you try it on “certain” androids, with “certain” pictures it throws an error (Error: “Invalid crop options has been passed. Please make sure the requested crop rectangle is inside source image.”), or doesn’t return at all on the ImageManipulator call. I’ve had some success with landscape images, but failed on others. I also tried pre rotating the image as you can see from the commented out code.

I haven’t found a clean way to make this work on all devices and orientations. Has anyone else ran into (and solved) this situation before?


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