Image with Expo Push Notification

I am using Expo Push Notification. I want to send an image. i didn’t know how to?

Hey @chiteni,

Sending an image with our Push Notification isn’t supported as of yet. If you need to be able to send images with push notifications, you’ll need to detach your project.

I know you mentioned in the other thread that you are new to react-native development, but one piece of advice I would give to you is that it goes a long way if you show that you have tried to figure something out on your own, either by providing the code you have written so far or links to resources you found while researching a problem yourself. Just asking for others to write code for you or solve your problems for you isn’t a good practice and it often comes across poorly in the programming community.



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Dear @adamjnav
thank you a lot for your reply.
For Image using Push Notification, i will detach but i was happy with Expo. Expo is very helpful.
As for the logout, i wasn’t asking for a code. what i was expecting is a hint or a link to a document that could target me.
Again Thank you a lot for your reply.

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