Image Picker isn't showing the selected image on android

Hi everyone! I’m new with React Native and obviously with Expo. I need to selected an image and render it so in order to do that I’m using Expo’s Image Picker. It works perfectly on iOS, but when I try it in my android phone, the image I selected isn’t showing. I’m using the same code as the example. Also I tried the example in snack and it’s happening the same! Does anyone know why?

I just ran the example snack on the simulator and on a device, it worked in both places…
I suspect that it could be related to how you present the image.
If you could build a minimum version in snack I could better diagnose! :smiley:

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Hi @bacon, how are you? Fine, I hope :slight_smile:

So, I can say that running at Expo or Snack, Image Picker works perfectly, but, believe me, it doesn’t works when you build a apk. So, please @bacon, test it running from an .apk and you’ll see what We’re trying to say.

Take a look.

Running APK with Expo SDK 24.0.0 - Stand alone at Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus - Android V.7.0)

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