image Picker dosen`t work ios 14.5.1

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  1. SDK Version:40
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all):IOS
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hey guys!
My app image Picker dosen`t work after update IOS 14.5.1…

this is My code.

// package.json
"expo-image-picker": "~9.2.0",

// imagePicker
import * as ImagePicker from "expo-image-picker";
const pickerResult = await ImagePicker.launchImageLibraryAsync({
    base64: true,
    quality: 0.3

my App work fine before IOS 14.5
I did updated sdk 41 but same issue.

It literally doesn’t do anything. No error code is also printed.
what can I do?
is this problem due to expo?

@adamjnav help Me!

Hey @moonlit0130, don’t ping people like that, especially 10 minutes after making your initial post. Having patience and showing others respect are two practices that are expected in the Expo community.

The one thing that comes to mind regarding your issue is the modal positioning issue with ios 14.5. Could that be the case here? Take a look at the two issues about ImagePicker listed here: Issues · expo/expo · GitHub


I apologize @adamjnav
I was rude and lacked understanding of the rules.

Thanks for your answer. I will try to solve the problem!

Appreciate you acknowledging that, @moonlit0130. Let me know what you find out and I’ll help by answering any questions that I can!

hey all.
my problem was due to Modal

I wanted show photo gallery into Modal. this action was no problem under IOS 14.4.
this is my code. (undef IOS 14.4)

            flex: 1,
            backgroundColor: "#fff",
            justifyContent: "space-between"
        <View style={styles.cont}>
            {/* <View style={styles.cameraView}> */}
            <View style={{ width: `100%`, height: `100%` }}>
                <Camera ref={cameraRef} ratio="16:9" style={{ flex: 1 }} />
        <View style={styles.cameraViewBtn}>
            <TouchableOpacity onPress={() => openImagePickerAsync()} style={styles.cameraViewBtnItem}>
                <Entypo name="documents" size={24} color="#131313" />
                <Text style={styles.cameraViewBtnTxt}>갤러리</Text>
            <TouchableOpacity onPress={() => takeIamge()} style={styles.cameraViewBtnItem}>
                <Entypo name="circle" size={70} color="#131313" />
                {/* <Text style={styles.cameraViewBtnTxt}>사진촬영</Text> */}
            <TouchableOpacity onPress={() => resetPage()} style={styles.cameraViewBtnItem}>
                <Entypo name="cross" size={26} color="#131313" />
                <Text style={styles.cameraViewBtnTxt}>닫기</Text>

I was only change <Modal> -> <> so, It`s fine.
I knew expo team is aware of this issue. I hope problem is solved ASAP.

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