I'm Stuck on this point can someone please help!!

After creating a development build with the command :

> eas build --profile development --platform android

I’m facing a problem loading the project on an android emulator after lunching it with the command :

> npx expo start --dev-client

Also when running the command :

> expo run:android

Loading stops at 77% with no feedback on return

Looks like it’s having trouble connecting. As a test, does npx expo start --dev-client --tunnel work?

Note that this will not use the dev client you installed previously. It will build a new one, after generating the native projects.

I have had issues connecting to the dev client through the terminal (pressing i or a after running npx expo start --dev-client, so now I just connect through the dev build itself.
If you open the dev build on your device you can either:

  • login to expo and then hit ‘Fetch Development Servers’ and then click on your app.
  • Choose ‘Enter url Manually’ and then enter the url that’s visible in your terminal after you start up the server