If Android has 49 push notifications, it does receive any more.

Hi, I am implementing push notifications for my Expo based app.
I am testing my app on Expo app, not simulator.

As you know, messages are qued at system notification list if user does nothing.
In case of iOS, recent push notification is shown no matter how many unread notifications are there.
However, in case of Android, if there are 49 unread notifications, further notifications are lost. They are not redelivered later when the number of unread notifications are decreased to lower than 49.
After removing all unread notifications or decrease the number of unread notificaitons under 49, then Android again receives new notifications well.

I tried to search whether there is any limitation on the number of unread notifications for an Android app, but couldn’t find any.

I tested this with Android 6, 7, 8, and iPhone 6, 6SP, and X.

Hey @lhebert,

It looks according to this Quora post and SO post, the manufacturer is able to impose a limit and for most it is set to 50. android system notification limit per app - Stack Overflow
android system notification limit per app - Stack Overflow



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Thank you, Adam.
I was not able to search the post :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome! Truth be told I wasn’t sure of the default behavior of notification limits myself so it was a learning experience for all involved.

All the best,


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