Identifying APNs auth key id

We currently have a managed app in production that uses Expo Push Notification service. We recently ejected to ExpoKit and are trying to switch from EPNs to pure APNs. We found out that Expo has used the the limit of APNs auth keys, so we need to delete one before creating a new one. How can we identify which one is used by the production app and which one is not?

If you use expo fetch:ios:certs, does that help answer which key you are using?

We were able to retrieve one of the keys, but it says Key ID: (not available), so even though we have the key, there still seems to be no way to know which Key ID it corresponds to.

It’s likely that each key is associated with a different Expo account. Production app was built and published from this (heyvenu) account, there is also a staging app that was built from a developer account. Both were uploaded to AppStore Connect with the same credentials. Is it possible to identify which account each key corresponds to?

Gotcha, I’ll follow up with you separately.

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