I need multiple QR Code Scanner

I want to have more than one QR code with the camera in the application. How can I do it?

Hi. Could you elaborate on what you mean?

Do you mean you want to be able to scan multiple QR codes at the same time? e.g. if you have two QR codes next to each other and you point the camera at them so that both are showing on the screen at the same time and you want to decode both of them?

Or do you mean one after the other?

I actually want a feature in the image exactly. I want it to draw the qr code read in the picture and give it to me in a list



I think you will need to eject and use OpenCV, BoofCV or something similar.

e.g. the information here might be useful:

Note: I think BoofCV will not work on iOS, but OpenCV should work on Android and iOS.


Will there be a study about this in expo?

You could try posting a feature request here:

First search to see if it’s already there. If you find it there already then upvote it to give the Expo team an idea of how many people want the feature. That helps them prioritize what to work on next. Unfortunately they also have to be careful about increasing the size of managed apps, so they have to try to balance requirements with that in mind.

They have made some improvements recently to make it easier to eject and still use some of the things we love about Expo and I expect more improvements like this when they release SDK 39 (which I think should be released later this month), so hopefully soon it will not be such a problem to eject to the Bare workflow.

@kadirguloglu1 I haven’t tried this, but I think react-native-vision-camera might be able to do this.

The Frame Processors page has a QR code example. Based on the function and variable names it looks like it supports scanning multiple QR codes in a frame.

You will need to use EAS Build (or build the app yourself, like with the bare workflow).