I Made a Trivia App for my High School Trivia Team

I made a trivia app so my high school Quiz Bowl(an academic competitive trivia game) team could practice for our tournaments. My app is called Quiz Watch, and it’s available on the iOS App Store now(it’s under my Dad’s name since I’m too young to have my own Apple Developer Account). I’d appreciate if you’d check it out. An Android version will likely come out in the future as well. My app has only been out for two weeks and tens of thousands of questions have already been done.

Thanks to all those who contribute to Expo and to this forum for making the development process as smooth as it was. My parents aren’t programmers so this project was all my own, meaning the Internet really was my only resource.

Note: If you search for it on the iOS App Store, search “Quizwatch” as one word, or you could click on this link on mobile to link directly to the App Store

Hey Brandon,

Thanks for sharing this with the community! I just downloaded it and the app looks great. One thing I would recommend is increasing the spacing between your Text and Switch components to give it a more polished look.

We would love to hear more about your experience building QuizWatch with Expo. If you have some time you should send an email to either myself (adamjnav@expo.io) or (secure@expo.io) so we can start a conversation!