I have built an Expo IDE, How to share it?

Hello everyone,

I have build an Expo IDE (using c# for Windows 10) for my self and would like share it with the Expo community.

I don’t know how to get the permission from Expo first, then if they do how to share it.

The Expo IDE can create android emulators, initiate new projects, start projects, run multiple npm & yarn etc… commands, run Metro bundler internally, and other things.

I’m new in Expo environment, so sorry for any trouble if you already have a similar tool.

Also I don’t know how to submit a video showing how the Expo IDE works.


Something like visual studio code?

Not in this version…

Here is a video that I’ve recorded for everyone…


Do I have to contact Expo founders to release this tool?
If yes, Where ?

Thank you all…

Hey @almannai, you can share it in the Social category on the forums. As for how you share the actual product, that will be up to you!


That’s great Adam…

I will do so within couple of days, just to prepare the installation package…

Thank you