I face a error when we create eas build --platform android

:heavy_check_mark: Linked to project @awii/new (​https://expo.dev/accounts/awii/projects/new​)
:heavy_check_mark: Using remote Android credentials (Expo server)
:heavy_check_mark: Using Keystore from configuration: Build Credentials gp17hInLdR (default)
:heavy_multiplication_x: Compressing project files
Error: Cannot copy ‘C:\Users\Muddasar’ to a subdirectory of itself,

any one can helpme to correct this error

it looks like you are running eas build from the root of your user directory - C:\Users\Muddasar. we use the user level operating system temporary directory to store the archive, and so C:\Users\Muddasar\AppData\Local\Temp’ is within that. you should put your project inside of another directory instead of at the root of your user, so something like C:\Users\Muddasar\MyProject`

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I change the full directory then he worked