I can't use expo-linking, undefined is not a function (near ..._core.Platform.select...)


I need some help please!

I installed expo-linking, and i wanted to give it a try in my app, in the moment that i put the import * as Linking from ‘expo-linking’ the entire app crashes with error: undefined is not a function (near …_core.Platform.select…), i have spent lots of hours on this error but i couldn’t find anything helpful online, i have no idea from where this error would come.

Im running on expo sdk 38.

Thank you !

hi there! you can work around this for now with npm install expo-linking@1.0.7
in sdk 38 and 39 we did not lock down the expo-linking version and so it’s pulling in a more recent, incompatible version when running expo install

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Thank you very much! This one works fine.