I cannot get AdMob to show any ads - even the test ones!

I am a complete novice to React Native and Expo, but have managed to hack together an app from various internet sources.

I now want to add Admob to the app, and have imported the ad type I want to use:

import {


} from ‘expo-ads-admob’;

And I have included the banner ad I want with this snippet:



                adUnitID="ca-app-pub-3940256099942544/6300978111" // Test ID, 


                onDidFailToReceiveAdWithError={() => console.log('Admob error')}



All I get is a white box where the ad should be, and no admob messages whatsover in the console.

This is the same if I run through expo on my android mobile or through the android emulator on my PC.

I have an Admob account set up, with payment information, but should that even matter for the test ads?

Anyone got any suggestions for where to look to get some more detail on the problem?

The output of ‘Expo --version’ is 3.2.3, if that helps.

All suggestions gratefully received.



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