I cannot disable the onboarding view with EXKernelDisableNuxDefaultsKey on Android

I’m writing some e2e tests for an expo app using Appium, but the onboarding view prevents my test from being properly executed.

Here is the desired capabilities I used to write e2e test:

    platformName: 'Android',
    automationName: 'UiAutomator2',
    appPackage: 'host.exp.exponent',
    intentAction: 'android.intent.action.VIEW',
    appActivity: 'host.exp.exponent.experience.HomeActivity',
    # This is supposed to disable the 'Hello there' pop up
    optionalIntentArguments: '--ez EXKernelDisableNuxDefaultsKey true',
    # intentFlags: '-',
    appWaitForLaunch: true

I tried using the EXKernelDisableNuxDefaultsKey true from this topic, but that for some reason does not work on Android, no matter if I used the option on a real device or an avd.

Could anyone please point out to me any way to disable the ‘Hey there’ pop up? Thank you.

I’m facing exactly same problem. Do you found out how to resolve it?