I can start my devtools

Please run expo start and !

Please need help with this


What environment are you using? I see you’re on Windows, but your shell prompt looks like a Unix shell prompt.

By the error, it’s trying to run something, but not finding the file it wants to run. I am not sure what might cause that, but you might try reinstalling expo-cli. If that doesn’t help, try removing your node_modules and reinstalling them.

Sure @wodin I am on windows, it is exactly what I did to make it work, I probably messed up with my environment variable. I had to delete node_modules, and reinstall expo-cli globally.
Before all this I have to uninstall and reinstall Nodejs.

After this situation the app was not loading on the device simulator, I use the tunnel and it works,

Now am test à deployment I hope is going to work without any issues.

I also hope that when I will start my next project every thing will goes smoothly.

Good day to you

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