I can not submit after I finish expo build

When I try to ‘expo submit’ after ‘expo build’ or ‘eas build’ is finished, ‘CombinedError’ appears. How do I know what the cause is?
(I am using SDK 44.0.2, CLI 5.4.9)

ASC App ID:                 1629547774
Project ID:                 7b8289a5-8e62-4356-af1f-e37829184930
App Store Connect API Key:  
    Key Name  :  [Expo] EAS Submit Qd7rfudZB0
    Key ID    :  6S6Z857372
    Key Source:  EAS servers
Archive URL:                https://expo.dev/artifacts/75773d22-89af-4804-acf5-7764a710297e

✔ Scheduled iOS submission
    CombinedError: [GraphQL] Unexpected server error (Expo error ID: undefined).

there was an intermittent issue with the submit service that was quickly resolved, sorry for the hassle