html with react-native-render-html

I’m building a small app that fetch contents from an API, some of the content is in HTML and i’m willing to display it in HTML (basic tags, like B, I, P and so on)
i tried to use react-native-render-html and it also requere react-native-webview (which i also installed)
but when starting the expo server with the following include
import { HTML } from 'react-native-render-html';

i got the following error

Unable to resolve “entities/lib/maps/entities.json” from "node_modules\htmlparser2\lib\Tokenizer.js"

undefined Unable to resolve module entities/lib/maps/entities.json from node_modules\htmlparser2\lib\Tokenizer.js: entities/lib/maps/entities.json could not be found within the project.

that i fixed with npm -i entities

now my error is:
Unable to resolve “./MultiplexHandler” from "node_modules\htmlparser2\lib\CollectingHandler.js"

which i am unable to fix
any help would be appreciated, even on alternative way to display a little of HTML text
Thank you

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