How to use MapView on an Android without logging in into Google Play

Hello everybody,

I’m currently working with some peers on a location based game. The problem is that on my android phone the map is not showing. Instead of it I get “(appname) is having trouble with Google Play services. Please try again”.

This is probably because my phone is not signed in/connected in any way to Google and I want to keep it this way. From the many apps that I have (which I got mostly from APKPure) only 2-3 apps have the same problem with the location. On their phones (Android and Iphones) it’s working but they are logged in in the respective services. I believe there more people in this world that do not use Google on their Android phone and I want to make the game also available for them.

Is there a way around this? Is it maybe this part in the docs:

where it says " If you already have not configured Google Sign In " ?

Is it gonna work if I follow these steps? Looks kinda complicated…

There should be a way since many apps which I have and which use location are fine working without Google Play services.


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