How to use free account

I am teaching an upper-division undergraduate class on mobile apps using React Native. I would like to introduce the students to but see that there is an “Account-level queue” that would delay the classroom use. The page says that we can “Use a free account”. I registered for a free Appetize io account then clicked on the “Use Appetize io" button and was taken to a page where I could “Request a Payer Code”, but saw “Note: Payer codes are only enabled for active paying accounts.” So, how can I avoid the queue with a free account?

Hey @jgfoster,

Unfortunately Appetize has turned off their free accounts and we haven’t had the time to push out an update removing that feature from Snack yet. For now, if possible, I would recommend having students use their phones.


Thanks. I appreciate the explanation and it helps knowing that I read the instructions correctly. I’ve been able to use Appetize to run a stand-alone app.

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