How to use expo map?

hye im new to react native and im having a problem with map. I followed youtube video but the map does not show it was blank i hope somneone can help me

Hey @valmonx1,

Welcome to the community! Going to start off with some advice! When asking questions or seeking help, it’s always a best practice to provide as much relevant information as possible and most often to share your code as well.

For instance, with this topic. I’d be great to see what your code looks like that is trying to render the MapView as well as what platform (iOS, Android, Web) you’re encountering the issue on, if it’s occurring on a physical device or a simulator/emulator and lastly what SDK version your project is.


Thanks @adamjnav for replying. I have found solutions that version for my expo sdk is 33.0.0, while the youtuber used sdk version 32.0.0 .So i downgrade my expo sdk and the map was showing. Sorry for late inform and thanks for the advice given i will take note about it .

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No worries…glad you got things sorted out. Happy to have you as part of the Expo community!

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