How to use expo-codemod in Expo SDK33

I made the update from SDK30 to SDK33 I was successfully building Android and loading the app and showed me an error.

The following APIs have moved to separate packages and importing them from the "expo" package is deprecated: AdMobRewarded.

1. Add correct versions of these packages to your project using:

   expo install expo-ads-admob

   If "install" is not recognized as an expo command, update your expo-cli installation.

2. Change your imports so they use specific packages instead of the "expo" package:

 - import { AdMobRewarded } from 'expo' -> import { AdMobRewarded } from 'expo-ads-admob'

So I download the expo-codemod, And Run npx expo-codemod sdk33-imports src

But still, the results were the same. How can I use this?

I need your solution

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Hi again @taeeh! :smile:

Not sure, you seem to be using it correctly, assuming all your code is in your src folder.

This issue explains other possible causes/solutions

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