How to upload a react-native app made with expo an iOS application for test flight?

I am using expo SDK36 to create a cross platform mobile application which target iOS, Android and Web.

Now that the application is done, I want to publish it to the store:

  • distribute testing ipa
  • distribute production ipa

So far, I am reading: which is expo’s part of documentation where they explained the required certificates to publish to store.

On iOS, I need to have the following certificates:

  • Distribution Certificate
  • Provisioning Profiles
  • Push Notification Keys

I am on linux and I expect to build the ipa directly on expo continuous integration server.

I was invited with super administrator permissions on the iOS developer team.

  • Should I create a new distribution certificate?
    • This is the whole list of certificates that can be used:
    • Which one should I use?
    • Should I use one for testing and one for production

Since I don’t have a Mac, how can I generate those keys? I have read this:

I have tried to create an APN key for all of my applications, this was easy step because expo can do it automatically.

How to generate distribution certificates and provisioning profiles on linux for iOS and how many should I generate for multiple enviromment (testing, prod).

Thank you