How to upload a react-native app made with expo an Android application for private testing?

I am using expo SDK36 to create a cross platform mobile application which target iOS, Android and Web.

Now that the application is done, I want to publish it to the store:

  • distribute testing apk
  • distribute production apk

So far, I am reading: which is expo’s part of documentation where they explained the required certificates to publish to store.

On Adnroid, I need to have the following certificates:

  • Upload certificate

I am on linux and I expect to build the apk directly on expo continuous integration server.

I was invited with super administrator permissions on the Google console developer team.

  • Should I create the upload certificate?
    • Is it one per application or per merchant account?
    • How should I generate it if it’s the first upload, should I let expo handle it?
    • Should I use one for testing and one for production

How to generate upload certificates linux for expo and android and how many should I generate for multiple enviromment (testing, prod).

Thank you