How to turn on/off torch in react native expo?

i have a problem with my app, after update SDK to 3.3 , Torch in my app won’t turn on. Can anyone help me about this?

Thank you

Hello there, I also am trying to use Torch from react-native-torch but can’t get it to work. Before the update, how did you turn on the torch? Can you post you codes for turning the torch on please?

constructor(props) {
this.state = {
flash: ‘off’

hitSlop={{ top: 40, bottom: 40, right: 40, left: 40 }}/>

_handleFlash = () => {
if (this.state.flash == ‘on’) {
this.setState({ flash: ‘off’ })
} else {
this.setState({ flash: ‘on’ })

approxiately like this
But it doesn’t work anymore

I am also very curious to know!

@tasyaamalia: I am also facing this issue. I wrote something similar to your code. It not working for me as well. I am new to this whole react-native and expo.
Kindly let us know if you find the solution.