How to tell which expo push token is associated to a receipt ID

I’m checking push notification receipts and I see errors like these -

  "0c00ba25-b9a4-4a14-b116-c3ec72caa362": {
    "status": "error",
    "message": "The Apple Push Notification service failed to send the notification (reason: Unregistered, status code: 410). Read Apple's docs about \"Communicating with APNs\" to learn what this error means.",
    "details": {
      "apns": {
        "reason": "Unregistered",
        "statusCode": 410
      "error": "DeviceNotRegistered",
      "sentAt": 1562122316
    "__debug": {}

I assume I need to just stop using the push token that is associated with that receipt ID, but I’m not sure the best way how to associate that receipt ID with an expo push token. I did see on this (Linking A Push Notification Ticket back to Origin) post that -

Upon success, the HTTP response will be a JSON object whose data field is an array of push tickets, each of which corresponds to the message at its respective index in the request.

So it sounds like when I originally send the push notifications at first, it’s up to me to match up the receipt ID with the push tokens I’ve used based on the array index. Is that right? And if that is case, what can I do now about the example above to figure out what expo push token it relates to (besides simply trying to send more test notifications to properly match push tokens with receipt IDs)?

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