How to tell the user, if used google auth or facebook to log in this app?

This could be a novice question,

Here we go: If i use both facebook and google as an auth mechanism to login users.

I’ve a few questions:

  1. How would user remember that he logged in to this particular App via google or with facebook ?

Is there a way we can help the user with this, i.e trying to help user figure out what auth mechanism he used to login ?

  1. To resolve this, I think it would be a good idea if i can get the users’ s phone number and link it in the db that this user use fb or google, so that if user forgets the auth mechanism we can help him if he provides his phone number.

Im just blabbering here, it would be nice to know how others have solved similar problem.

  1. User could have 10 gmail ids, how do we help user to figure which gmail account did he used to login in the past ?

( solution: with the phone number ) any other ideas ?

  1. I suppose that if I use google or facebook way of logging in, i wont have to provide extra features like forgot password help or reset password help - right?