How to symbolicate IOS crash log.


For the last couple of days we have experienced issues with expo-camera (expo-camera work well on Expo Client, but it make crash app when I build ios standalone app · Issue #5160 · expo/expo · GitHub). In the thread expo staff asked us to supply crash reports with stack trace regarding the error we experienced. I uploaded the crash report in the thread and received the feedback that the stack trace did not include the method names.

After some googling I found that my crash log where “unsymbolicated”. I got feedback from other expo users to follow the instructions here (Apple Developer Documentation).

After a few hours of trying very hard to understand this I found myself very lost. The instructions are for users of xcode and I could not make it work.

Does anyone have experience with how to translate ‘hidden’ symbol names in crash reports?

This is the first time I actively tried to help to fix a bug in an open source project and I would like to be too as much help as I can going forward.


Hi. I’ve never tried this myself, but I have found another symbolication HOWTO which looks useful:

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Thanks. I will have a look at this and let you know :slight_smile:

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