How to support blurhash? (plugins?)

Hello everyone!
I see that we are currently only supporting BlurHash for Custom Expo Go apps.
I wonder what could we do in order to support it in Standalone apps?

I already asked Blurhash team about it, and seems like the pending work in on Expo side.

Check the full detail here: Are we gonna have support for Expo Go? · Issue #139 · mrousavy/react-native-blurhash · GitHub

Do you know if there is a way to add that support? Maybe adding some plugins, or something like that?


Hi @brodanoel

You seem to be asking two different questions:

Yes, but you will need to build with EAS Build.

This question is about Expo Go, which is a completely different question. react-native-blurhash will not work in Expo Go because it depends on native code that is not included in the Expo Go app.

If you want something like Expo Go while developing the app, you would need to build a custom development client, which is perhaps what you’re alluding to here:

The way you do this is basically just:

  • Install expo-dev-client as per the docs
  • Build with eas build --profile development [...]

Then you would use the resulting app on your phone instead of Expo Go. When you’re ready to build the standalone app for submitting to the App/Play stores you would build with eas build --profile production [...].

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